Donate to the Dream!

The dream is taking shape! A two year, singlehanded voyage of the Pacific aboard a 24′ sailboat; from California to New Zealand and back again via Australia, Asia, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest; writing as I go.

In the spirit of Joshua Slocum and Henry David Thoreau, I am rebuilding a 1963 Columbia sailboat and plan to pause and witness life as I slowly cruise a slightly larger pond than Walden called the Pacific Ocean.

The name of the sailboat is Sine Metu, which is Latin for without fear. You can learn more about the sailboat, the voyage and me at

But, I can use help!

To defray the costs of this voyage – tentatively set for November, 2014, and to address more issues known by Thoreau in the form of government fees, visas, taxes, and to help pay for basic needs like water, cooking fuel, basic foods, and much needed, sometimes government-mandated safety equipment like a life raft, radio license, EPIRB, and so on,  I am asking for any assistance anyone would care to offer — think of this as my sidewalk, Tin Cup!

Embracing our world’s shared community and opening myself and my dream to the Internet I make this modest plea, “Help if you can, these simple dreams: To place a bookmark in the footnotes of our lifetime that a lone person can still live an adventure; that some still move to a different drummer and seek that which can only be found by climbing a mountain or sailing over the horizon; and, for some like me, to finally live and not merely exist.”

The goal of this Fundraising Campaign is to raise $25,000 The goal of this to help cover the costs that such an endeavor will sustain over two (possibly five) years of (global?) singlehanded sailing, personal reflection and validation that a lifetime dream is still within reach of everyone willing to say,

Today is my Someday!



1 thought on “Boatbucks”

  1. Ciao JB, Your site inspires me to move forward with my own dream to circumnavigate the Pacific from SF. I shared your contribute link on my Facebook page. I’m looking for the boat at this point, so I’m way behind you, but perhaps our paths will cross. Orlando 2013 Oct 30

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