Open letter to Jameson Irish Wishkey

Dear Jameson Irish Whiskey,

In the spirit of Henry David Thoreau and Joshua Slocum, I plan to set sail aboard my $800, a 56-year-old, 24-foot sailboat, Sine Metu, on a six-month singlehanded wandering and writing hiatus of Baja California. Spending November 2019, cruising down Baja’s Pacific coast and about five or so months in the Sea of Cortez. An open-ended cruise where the journey is truly more important than a destination; where witnessing nature’s bounty and rediscovering what it means to truly live are the only agendas; and the only schedules kept are in time with the sun, moon, tides and trade winds. In short, to pause, unplug and revel in the moment as a lifelong dream unfolds.


The name of this little upstart of a sailboat is

Sine Metu.

     But, I can use Jameson Irish Whiskey’s help!
     To defray the costs of this voyage – tentatively rescheduled for the fifth time due to lack of funds — to start November 2019, and to address issues unknown to Thoreau in the form of government fees, visas, taxes, and to help simply cover the costs of basic needs like food, water, cooking fuel, clothing and materials needed for such a voyage; and for the much needed (and sometimes government-mandated) safety equipment like a life raft, a radio license, an EPIRB, et cetera, et cetera…
     Is there anything I can offer to help Jameson Irish Whiskey decide that this adventure is worthy of their patronage?
     I make this modest plea, “Please help these simple dreams: To place a bookmark in the footnotes of our lifetime that a lone person can still live an adventure; that some still move to a different drummer and seek that which can only be found by climbing a mountain or sailing over the horizon; and, for some like me, to finally live and not merely exist.”
     One of the reasons I chose to name my little ship Sine Metu was because I believe John Jameson also lived by those words and ideals.
     The goal of this Sponsorship Campaign is to raise $25,000. To help cover the costs that such an endeavor will sustain over two (possibly five) years of (global?) singlehanded sailing, personal reflection, and validation that a lifetime’s dream can still be within reach of anyone willing to say, Today Is My Someday!
Thank you for your time and consideration.

1 thought on “Open letter to Jameson Irish Wishkey”

  1. Corky Perry said:

    In 1976 I bought the same model of Columbia 24 & spent 5 year sailing the pacific. The adventure included a rollover in a typhoon, hitting a whale and bouncing over a few reefs. The Columbia 24 NEVER let me down. Though I don’t own it any more it still sails the waters of Kona Hawaii where I sold it. I didn’t have an engine in it but it sailed so well that I really didn’t miss it that much. With that boat you don’t need much, just go!


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