After almost 60 days, I was able to get an MRI of my elbow, and it showed that I only had a torn tendon and no other soft tissue damage from my misadventures in Mexico. Being the overachiever that I am, the specialist referred to it as a high-grade tear, 70% or so.

Surgery isn’t needed, but I am going to physical therapy for the next four to six months, which I started in late January. I have almost recovered full range of motion, and I’m up to lifting 2-pounds. Yay!

(July 2021 Update) Turns out I also tore a few tendons in my left shoulder, which I recently discovered at the gym. I can barely lift 10-pounds at certain angles, while I can do over 50 with the right arm. It always felt a little sore, but I haven’t been doing any weight training due to my right forearm and thought it must simply be me getting old…

Thoughts of sailing again are merely an ingrained afterthought these days. I seem to have lost the spark, which is sad as that cruising dream has been a part of my DNA since I was 10. But another 10-year project just isn’t in my soul right now… Someday? Maybe? But not for a while.