First Dawn in Mexico. Well, actually the second Dawn as I was somewhere off the coast, south of the Coronado islands about 20-miles or so yesterday. More on that later, but it includes zero-visibility fog, electric drive or battery issues, sail damage and near rigging failure, and a rescue by the Mexican Coast Guard!

Ensenada, Mexico, November 2019.

(first try taking this type of shot).


A late night update: Big time slip and fall accident Saturday night as I was walking down the dock’s gangway. Slick metal, steep angle and rocking in the ever-present wakes and tidal surge. It was as comical as it was epic – feet in the air, ass on the ground and an almost broken wrist. At least I believe nothing is broken as I have movement, no bruising and nothing feels dislocated (yeah, did that once, so I know how that looks and feels). It has been very stiff, and popping all day, but as of Sunday evening it feels a lot better. Left elbow must have caught some action, too, as it’s bruised. Never felt that one, and only noticed the bruise in the shower on Sunday.