Today’s to-do list:

  • Getting a 1-year fishing license
  • Walk to Smart and Final and see what they have.
  • Drop the tiller off at Baja Naval and get it stripped, epoxy base coat then five coats of varnish. It’s the first project I’ve outsourced, so I don’t mind the cost ($150). That’s my justification, but the God’s honest truth is I would never be satisfied with how it would turn out if I did it in the cockpit here at the dock.
  • Contact a canvas shop and ask about getting a couple weather clothes made for the cockpit, and a larger one for moving around for shade.

Got everything done by noon, so now I’m having lunch at El Corralito Restaurant, which I’d give a score of 5/5. An XL carnitas burrito and two Bohemias for 180 pesos (less than $10!). I won’t be able to finish it, so I’ll take half back to the boat for an appetizer. I am making rice and beans in the thermos, and I’m going to experiment with making hardtack in the solar oven.

PS – The WiFi password at El Corralito is margaritas.