Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost

It’s 0530, and the coffee tastes great! I am getting down to the bottom of what was on board the sailboat before departing ten days ago. The bottom grounds are fresher. The stainless steel, AirScape container does a great job and can hold a full pound of ground coffee – I have a second, smaller one that held the overflow from a 1-lb bag of whole beans, but I am using it for pistachios right now. Anyway, it looks like I will need to go shopping in the v-berth locker. That’s where I store:

  • 180-days of breakfast supplies
    • 16.25 pounds of Italian Roast coffee
    • 21-pounds of Nido powdered milk
    • 25-pounds of Bob’s Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli (about half of my stash)
    • 10 small shakers of ground cinnamon
  • In addition to 24-rolls of toilet paper, 2-pounds of beef jerky and 2, 3-gallon AquaBricks of water.
V-Berth locker

180-days worth of breakfast and coffee supplies.

Today’s To-Do List:

  • Update paper logbook since I didn’t do a great job of doing that on the way south from San Diego. I will keep it honest and note that these are after-the-fact remembrances and not current observations. (Complete!)
  • Clean up all of the other items I didn’t get to this week:
    • Try my hand at baking hardtack with the solar oven.
    • Clean up the cabin.
    • Keep working on waypoints and anchorages every 40-miles or so (day sails) south to Bahia Tortuga. (I’m as far as Bahia San Quintin). (Complete! I’ve charted every anchorage from Ensenada to Punta San Carlos.)
      • Add waypoints to:
        • NOTE: Mark danger areas like Sacramento Reef and Roca Ben!
        • B&G Zeus
        • InReach system. (Complete!)
          • PS – InReach doesn’t have an Anchor icon, so I am using the camping icon as K says that’s what I am doing… So be it 🙂

Garmin InReach Explorer+ screenshot of Bahia San Quintin and a generous danger area for Roca Ben.


Charting due diligence.