I’m going to nap until 3:30 or 4:00 PM, and if the winds are close to what’s predicted, I’ll raise the anchor and head out before sunset. It’s a straight, 180° south run for 40 miles with nothing to worry about, then a slight turn to a course of 165° or so to keep a safety zone of about 5 miles off San Francisco Reef, and then onwards for about 100 miles to Isla Cedros (Cedar Island), then about 40 more miles and I’ll be at Bahia Tortugas.

Here’s my math on how long this run will take if I can average:
-2.5 knots, 72 hours, getting there Monday at sunset.
-3.0 knots, 61 hours, getting there Monday at dawn.
-3.5 knots, 50 hours, ” ” Late Sunday night.
-4.0 knots, 46 hours, ” ” Sunday afternoon.

I’ve yet to average anything above 3 knots, but the boat is getting lighter. I’m down to 27 gallons of water (enough for about 18 days). I’ll refill them in Tortugas.

Nappy time!

I love night sailing if there’s wind. Otherwise, it’s called drifting.