I have the anchorage to myself as the fishing boat and luxury yacht have taken off. Which was perfect as I wanted to take a hot shower tonight as it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. So, while standing there naked and soaped up I figured I break out the 5 gallon bucket and wash my offshore clothes.

They all made of that wicking, breathable and UV rated stuff so they should be mostly dry by the time the sun sets.

This is actually the second time I’ve done laundry, but the first time was is Ensenada and I did everything. I classify my clothes into three classes: Nice (these get carefully folded and put into packing cubes as though I’m packing a suitcase); Sailing (quick drying, UV rated, loose fitting and good in hot weather); and Work grubs (these are the ones best worn if painting, sanding, working with epoxy -and you don’t give a shit how you look while wearing a dust mask). Somewhere in there are swimsuits, sweatpants, and those warm and cuddly I crawl into while sipping coffee in the morning.

This is my first time trying the GoSun Sport, and with the boat dancing around with counter winds and swells, I won’t hold any ill feelings if my garlic and herb potatoes are undercooked. Not a fair test, but they’re getting steamy.

Nope. Poataoes are still raw. Warm, but raw. I guess I’m making a stew for dinner…